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We are an independent film production company, based in London and  founded in Harrogate in 2005 by director Tim Reynard. 


We have received support from respected figures such as Oscar nominated director Ken Russell ("Women in Love"), screenwriter Michael Chaplin ("Foyle’s War"), producer Hugo Heppell ("Yardie") and BAFTA nominated actor Richard Briers ("The Good Life") who narrated our WWII feature, "The Only One Who Knows You’re Afraid".


We  specialise in ambitious, character driven fictional dramas and suspense thrillers. Our  motto,   Rise Together,  encapsulates  our mission to help talented and aspiring artists to achieve their potential and dreams within the industry  by  encouraging  hard work, determination and self-belief. 

We have recently completed our debut professional feature, "Upon the Edge".  Our next projects, "Armour",  and "Uprooted"  are queer TV dramas.


The name of the company originated from Tim's family history. One of Tim's ancestors was a wealthy surgeon, living in a castle in Ireland in the 1700s. Napoleon heard of this man, Thomas Cantillon, and shipped him to France to become part of his entourage. Years later, Napoleon sent Cantillon to London to make an attempt on the Duke of Wellington's life. Cantillon failed, but on his return to France was knighted by King Louis VI for his bravery, thus becoming Chevalier de Cantillon (Knight of the Cantillon family). The 'de' was permitted to be use for Thomas' offspring and 'DeCantillon' was passed down through generations. Use of the surname  ended with Tim's great-grandmother who was an only child and took her husband's surname when she married. To restore this historic surname and story, Tim    adopted the surname for his company in 2007.

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