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ARMOUR is a limited series in development from Brixgate Pictures Ltd., produced by DeCantillon Films. Created by director Tim Reynard (“Upon the Edge”) and writer Alexandra Healy; from  executive producer Rachel Ramsay ("Clarkson's Farm").


ARMOUR follows two gifted, young adults whose struggles with gender identity and sexual orientation inhibit the achievement of their full potential. When their seemingly disparate lives are thrown together by an unexpected event, they find a connection and develop a shared understanding. 

Jack knows they are living a lie. Despite being forced to present conventionally as a man, Jack is naturally confident, popular with girls and has a talent for art and design. The duality in Jack’s life is stark - from avoiding threats on the streets of Brixton, with best mate Dylan, to attending hedonistic parties in millionaire townhouses. When a harrowing attack alters the course of Jack's life, camouflaging and suffering silently becomes the only protection they have. 


Harry is a player at Leeds United, trying to understand his sexuality and how this part of his identity fits within who he is. With no openly gay or bi men in professional football, Harry concludes it's inconceivable for him to "come out“ and must contemplate his future. His best friend, Charlotte, realises Harry's inherently masculine nature and environment are clouding his self-image, making his arduous decision virtually impossible.


Jack and their closest confidant, Lily, try to break into the city's fashion elite, whilst striving to overcome addiction and mental health adversities. Experiences abroad and a loving, but complex, relationship steer Jack toward a life truer to themselves. Embracing change, Harry heads down South after surprising circumstances pull him to the capital. Forming an unlikely friendship with Seb, an effeminate first date, Harry finds himself catapulted into London's vibrant gay scene and is given an opportunity to explore his passion for electronic music.


Both Jack and Harry embark on a journey of fierce self-discovery, which could ignite the rebirth of Harry’s sporting dreams and the dawn of Jack’s new life. Based on two true stories, ARMOUR is a tale of finding a human connection in unlikely places, embracing insecurities and being united by what makes us different.