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ARMOUR is a six-part, LGBTQ+ sports drama TV series in development from Mearbeck   Pictures Ltd., produced by DeCantillon Films. Created by director Tim Reynard    (“Upon the Edge”), from  executive producer Rachel Ramsay ("Clarkson's Farm", "This Is Football") and cast by Des Hamilton Casting ("Top Boy", "Jo Jo  Rabbit", "This Is England").


Harry Slade is the best player at his hometown club in Yorkshire, who sit in the country’s second division. At 20 years old, with a big money move to the Premier League and an  England call-up on the horizon, the nation’s next big talent is  on the brink of  achieving his dreams. But Harry has   a secret: he is gay, and the constant threat of homophobia in ‘the beautiful  game’ forces Harry to suppress who he is.


After an impulsive, intimate encounter threatens to derail Harry's life, he forces himself to repress his urges and project the facade of being a conventional, straight footballer. With no openly queer men in the major leagues, and a constant worry of homophobia from pockets of football culture, the potential of happiness in his personal life feels futile. But when a progressive childhood friend comes back into his life, a ray of hope emerges in the form of an historic opportunity.


Times are changing... when sexuality isn't a choice, why must Harry choose between his career and who he really is?


ARMOUR is a story of huge life choices and the silly mistakes that form the hallmark of youth and sexual enlightenment.


ARMOUR is a story everyone can relate to.

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