Harry Armour Painting.jpeg

ARMOUR is a limited series in development from Mearbeck   Pictures Ltd., produced by DeCantillon Films. Created by director Tim Reynard (“Upon the Edge”) and writer Leigh Douglas; from  executive producer Rachel Ramsay ("Clarkson's Farm").


A story of hope and fortitude, inspired by true events. Harry is a young footballer at a Premier League side, trying to accept his sexuality and embrace self-discovery in the most difficult of circumstances. With no openly gay or bi men in major professional football and the fear of prejudice from pockets of fans, Harry resolves that it's inconceivable for him to "come out“. 


When a transfer results in a move to London, Harry finds himself catapulted into a world very different to that of his northern hometown. With only clandestine hook-ups and futile flings embodying his love life, Harry wrestles with the arduous disparity between his career and the fame that comes with it, and wanting to be himself. ARMOUR is an exploratory tale of how the courage of one person, and the support of those around him, could one day make a real world difference.